Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our 1st Giveaway!

It's about time that we do a giveaway coz we would like to thank all of you for your support. So for a once in a lifetime event, we have decided to giveaway 20 Yaasin to our lucky winner. So if you think that you will be having an aqiqah,akad nikah or engagement somewhere in April and onwards, do join the giveaway.Spread the news people.

Leave your entry  here as a comment with the following details:-
1. Follower id
2. Email
3. Tell me what you like about my blog(Surely there won't be any right answer,we are interested  on what you think..just don't be too harsh :-) )

Terms & Condition of this Giveaway:-
1. Starts today and ends on 7th March 2010 at 12 midnight.
2. One entry ONLY.
3. Only complete entries will be entertained.
4. Open only to Malaysian residents and a follower of this blog.
5. Winners will be informed via e-mail so if we don't here any reply within 2 days, then we will give it to another winner.

Ain't it easy? What are you waiting for, start blogging about it!
Good Luck :-)

completed orders

L-R:White cover with silver hot stamping, cream cover with gold hot stamping and white cover with gold hot stamping

Hope Ashyla, Ili and Maisarah love it as much as we did.We will come out with a much newer version of the Yaasin soon.Thank you and Terima Kasih for all of our fellow followers and bloggers for your full support and comments!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you note

Thanks Ainun for bloggin about us..will keep in touch with you when the card is ready.Fingers cross!!


Congrats to Ashyla & partner! Thanks for ordering your Yaasin with us! Hope you have a great life ahead!

*pic of bride & groom taken from

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Types of printing

Video about printing
* credits to Sarah Walsh Meyer