Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eco Printing

Eco Printing is still new in our country. There are just a few printing companies that are able to run this type or printing. When people say ECO, what comes across your mind?
1. Green?
2. Recycle?
3. Brown Paper?
4. Save money?

Something like this perhaps?

 In eco-printing, soy ink or vegetable ink are used.Now, why soy ink? It is said that soy ink doesn't give any harmful effects to both the environment and us. Soy ink also releases a very small amount of volatile organic compound.Besides that, soy ink produces brighter colours and papers that uses soy ink can be easily de-inked and used again to make new papers. Now, that is something!

Sometimes ink produces one type of a smell that makes your nose twitch and feel dizzy. The awful smell( that is similar of petroleum) is actually not good for our health. For safety reason, we make it a compulsory for our workers to wear a mask in the printing area but I can bet you that they won't wear it!

 I We hope that one day we could be a part of the eco-printing team too...just have to do it step by step.