Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trend kad kahwin

Dalam market sekarang nih banyak kad-kad kahwin ala-ala Indonesia.I think you know how big and grand the wedding cards are.Ramai pula yang berpusu-pusu menempah kad kahwin di Indonesia.Is it because of the quality or the designs?If you try to google "wedding cards Indonesia", they do offer lots of designs which are really unique fit for a Cinderella.

In Malaysia, most of the clients pilih kad kahwin yang simple tapi menarik perhatian and not forgetting that fit their pockets.Kalau di bandingkan dengan zaman dulu, kad kahwin yang popular ialah yang fancy card dengan corak hot stamping.Semakin kita maju, semakin cantik dan canggih idea-idea kad kahwin.

Well, here are some wedding cards ideas from the internet that you might consider :)

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