Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ready made vs custom made

Ungkapan yang biasa diterima tapi you have to understand why. I've already mentioned that the products here are custom made ones and NOT READY MADE. Ada banyak perbezaan tuh...

If you go to any shops or stalls kat shopping malls, they sell ready made cards.They buy in big volume.The cards dah siap with the designs and bila ada tempahan, they just insert the information and hot stamping nama pengantin(if kad yang dipesan tu kad kawen).This will take like 3-7 working days jer and your orders are ready.

Kalau custom made, we either propose you the measurement and the finishing OR you yourself provide it. Bila kita bercakap tentang custom made, it involves a lot of things.We have to consider the plate(bukan plate as in pinggan mangkuk yer ) and the finishing(hot stamping,binding, lamination etc).The whole process takes around 7-14 working days and kena buat secara berperingkat.Yes, generally it is a bit expensive but you will be really satisfied because you are also involve in the process indirectly :)

Well, I hope that explains everything then.

To those yang minta quotations, I have replied your email. Sorry for the delay..been busy with work and kids..biasa le awal tahun :)

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