Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our 1st Giveaway!

It's about time that we do a giveaway coz we would like to thank all of you for your support. So for a once in a lifetime event, we have decided to giveaway 20 Yaasin to our lucky winner. So if you think that you will be having an aqiqah,akad nikah or engagement somewhere in April and onwards, do join the giveaway.Spread the news people.

Leave your entry  here as a comment with the following details:-
1. Follower id
2. Email
3. Tell me what you like about my blog(Surely there won't be any right answer,we are interested  on what you think..just don't be too harsh :-) )

Terms & Condition of this Giveaway:-
1. Starts today and ends on 7th March 2010 at 12 midnight.
2. One entry ONLY.
3. Only complete entries will be entertained.
4. Open only to Malaysian residents and a follower of this blog.
5. Winners will be informed via e-mail so if we don't here any reply within 2 days, then we will give it to another winner.

Ain't it easy? What are you waiting for, start blogging about it!
Good Luck :-)


  1. 1. saye xtau follower id saye :( buta IT yg ke-24 kot
    4. blog nie simple, but full of information about creative stuff. i lurve ur design for kad kawen. maybe i can consider as 1 of my vendor for my big day! Info for order is very clear & all the pictures attached was very helpful in making a choice. Keep it UP!

  2. 1. follower id 9W2PHY (Antara follower terawal kot,:p)
    4. design2 kad kawen yang di paparkan sangat simple dan menarik minat saya..menjadi follower kerana masih menunggu design kad yang simple, menarik dan memenuhi bajet saya yang ciput..sangat berpuas hati dengan feedback yang di berikan melalui emel..

    untuk penambah baikkan, di harap pihak warna inspirasi boleh memaparkan gambar dengan lebih dekat dan jelas.
    semoga terus success, sentiasa punyai idea yang lebih menarik, murah rezeki, pelanggan yang ramai, dan bisnes yang di jalankan berkembang dengan lebih baik..amiin

  3. 1. follower id: mimi-k
    2. email:
    3. what attract me to your blog in the first place is the products/services that you offer. personalized and custom made, it stands out from others and gives that 'truly ours' feel to any brides out there.perhaps you can expand your range of product in the future and provide a detailed list of products/services that you offer for ease of reference.i hope you will be among the successful entrepreneurs in this industry.

  4. 1. follower id:NInA
    2. email:
    3. dis is my 1st tym visit dis the 1st attempt im hepi because ive found the website that offer yassin that have hot stamping,,dah lama cari n last surfing tau2 yassin mcm ni ade kat indon je..dis is th 1st blog dat provide handmade Yassin, and dis is the oppurtunity to you to promote ur product as Yassin is one of the popular doorgift nowadays.tambahan pula we can personalised our yassin and make it special. May be you can promote ur product by cari pengedar di setiap negeri esp di butik pengantin o kedai kad kawen.ive found dis blog is 'suci',,huhu,,simple but nice wif the brilliant ideas in your product.i love ur handmade card kerana walaupun handmade but it shows mewah dan terserlah kekreatifannya.kad kawen is one of the most important part which shows the 1st impression about the wedding.salah satu cara pemasaran yang baik di dalam blog ini ialah pelanggan can place their order 1st and then u will give the is good for the customer because they feel customer always right,semua customer akan dilayan dan akan compare dengan budget yang mereka ada.if they are agree,they will proceed and if not may b they can adjust their order(biasanya kita akan beli juga apa yang kita nk wpun kluarkan budget yang lebih sedikit).untuk meningkatkan blog ini,saya rasa,you can have 3 column blog sebabnya order form bawah sgt n if that scroll down may b ramai yang terlepas pandang.then u boleh tambah column yang letakkan semua product range and contoh printing yangdah diorder oleh pelanggan.hoping ull be success and dimurahkna rezeki

  5. Hye there! I want to join this too. =)

    1. Follower ID: Cik Belle
    2. Email:
    3. Here it goes:

    To be honest, Ive been a stalker to your blog quite a long time ago. It started when I'm in searching of a custom made Yassin for my coming big day. So, I've googling ups and downs, and finally, my search ends here. So, first step, I've bookmark your blog and save your blog address on the sidebar of my blog: . Everytime, B2Bs have problem in searching of custom made Yassin, i tell them about you! Your previous customer, Ashylla pon I inform. Tihihi.

    So, yeah, it tells you, that I am so in love with your custom made Yassin. With gold hot stamping on white cover Yassin together with bride and groom's name, wah, it gives that exclusive look. I'm so in love, truly.

    Another item that I love is your V-box paperbag. With the fresh design you offered, with the name of bride and groom on it, I'm sure this will be the talk of the day on my wedding day. Hehe.

    So, here is an entry from a stalker of your blog. Tihihi. Wish you, all the best in your business line. =) InsyaAllah, Aminn.

  6. ok ppl..thanks for ur comment!will inform u the result a.s.a.p!!
    hope you guys n gals will keep on supporting us!
    have a nice day