Thursday, June 10, 2010

Custom made wedding cards

 When it comes to wedding invitations, most brides ( I said most) gets so fussy about it. Of course, for some brides-to-be, they would want a wedding card which is  unique and different from others. They can either choose from pre-designed collections or the other is option is to custom made their wedding cards.

Why custom made?
1. Theme weddings- When you have a theme, it is difficult to get a pre-designed wedding card that suits the wedding.

2. Freedom to choose whatever designs and wordings

3. A wedding card that be remembered and kept as a keepsake for both the newly wed and guests

What about the cost? Yes, it is much costlier that the ready made ones. This depends on the materials and finishing of the product.

 keepsake charm added to your wedding card..
Remember to order your custom made wedding cards at least 2 months before the event so that you have ample time to send it out to your guests.

Just a plain white card ...embossed. Fonts plays an important role besides the design.

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  1. hi Warna. If we design our own card and you do the printing, how much does it cost? thanx