Thursday, November 4, 2010

a great loss to the family & nation

Last 28th October 2010, after goin back and forth to the hospital for 3 mths...I lost my beloved father.A father whom I called Papa.He was my idol and inspiration in my life.He gave me the strength,the courage for me in every single thing I do. "Life must go on", as he used to told me when we mourned the death of my grandpa early this April and this month, I mourn the death of my Papa.

My papa was a strong man, he fought the cancer with all his might but Allah loved him more. I pray to Allah that my Papa will rest in peace and may all the knowledge and good deeds that he has left to the family and nation, will be remembered, cherished and use for the good of mankind.

To all the bloggers out there, my Papa wanted all of us, the Malaysian citizens, to learn about history and know history..that was his last words.

Al- Fatihah


  1. takziah. rupanya ur father. be strong. he is my idol too and i love history so much !!

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