Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heart of Love

* sarung kad
the kad

Code : P01
Eila..we've known her since we were in the USA..almost 11 years.We told her that if she was to get married, we would offer her our service.It was great to work with the creative Eila. She had everything jotted down in her small notebook -how her wedding card MUST look like. We shared ideas and we argued(in a well-mannered way!) in order to make this card become a masterpiece. Every single moment was worth it and the card is already copyrighted under her name..:)


  1. how much for 600psc? 6x6 inch card boleh X? n for both sides..

  2. how much for 1500 pcs?

  3. can i have the quotation for 1000 pcs?

  4. salam, can i get a quotation for this card for about 600pcs? email at : . thanks.