Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lucky draw for the little ones...

Our customers are not only adults (who are mostly future brides or grooms) but also little kids (who celebrates their special occassions like birthdays and aqiqah).

As a token of appreciation, we will give out a very, very special gift for them.

How to be eligible?
1. Previous clients of Warna Inspirasi (parents/siblings of the little ones)
2. Add us in FB and promote or introduce us to your circle of friends
Become a follower of our blog and promote us in your blog
3.Once you have completed that,  then you are eligible for the lucky draw.

So , on your marks...get set...GO! by the way, you have until  11.11.2011 (11 p.m.) to do so.


  1. dah promote dah=)link:

  2. Very nice information !
    Thanks for sharing.
    Soy Ink Printer

  3. nice...follow here ...follow me too ! ok ?