Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative guestbook ideas

Something that you should have at your weddings.A guestbook.It's fun to read the sweet scribblings of your guests and at least you know who attended the wedding too :) and it's much fun if is done in the most creative way.

If you are on a tight budget, you can buy a sketchbook of any sizes and decorate the book using your own ideas.


simple sketchbook

What about a wishing tree?

Use you creativity and turn it into a masterpiece!

Here are some of our favourites...

The Fabric
Here's another way..DIY using  fabric. If you don't have time to cut your by your own, just by ready made ones.

The Plate

This is so nice.You can display this in your house or frame it but don't use your mother's Corelle collection.

The Puzzle
source: savoirwedding
Get your guests puzzled on your wedding ideas.

The cute envelopes guestbook
 Just leave a small note and a pen on your guests' table and let them scribble on it. Once they leave, ask someone to collect it from the table and place it in these cute envelopes of the guestbook.
Interested in any of these ideas? Just drop us an email warna.inspirasi@gmail.com

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