Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Printing 101

Today, I will list down some of the vocabs mostly found in the printing world. I hope this will help :)

1. Die-cut: The process of using sharp steel rules to cut special shapes for labels, boxes and containers, from printed sheets
In other word, it means cutting an image into or out of a paper. This is the simplest example of a die-cut for crafters.

So, if you plan to have a wedding card or an invitation card like this one...

you now know that it has to go through a die-cut process

2. Embossing- a process of creating a 3D effect
By embossing, it can help to highlight the product and give a stunning effect.You can find the easiest example of this right in the loo or in the kitchen.Yes, the tissue roll paper!

So now, can you spot the product of embossing and die-cutting?

I'll end today's lesson here for today...

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