Friday, December 25, 2009

Papers 101

Today, it's all about papers.
I think it is important for you to know a little bit about papers. At least, it will be easy for you to know what type of papers are used in a particular production.So my dear clients, take note of today's lesson :)

The papers that are commonly used in our products are as follows:-

1.Kraft paper
It's a high-strength paper that is made from unbleached kraft paper(brown paper).It is usually used for grocery bags, wrapping papers,envelopes and goodie bags.

2. 1 side art card
It is a fully coated bleached paperboard with white back. It is suitable for wedding paperbags, pocket folder, tags, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, greeting cards and book covers.

For wedding paperbags or tags, we can use gloss lamination OR matte lamination OR blind emboss OR blind deboss OR UV/Spot UV for the finishing touch-up.

3. 2 side art card
It is the same as 1 side art card however it can be printed on both sides. It is usually used on special cartons, cosmetic cartons, pharmaceutical packages, book covers,tags,wedding and greeting cards

4. Woodfree
Ever heard of Double A? IK Yellow? That's an example of a woodfree paper.It is a printing and writing paper which contains little or no mechanical woodpulp and is commonly used in magazines, books, notepads, letterheads and envelopes.
When we use woodfree paper, the ink will be absorb into the paper and that's why the prints doesn't reflects.It would be different if we use glossy art paper or art card.

I'm sure you can guess what type of paper we use for our Yasin.

5. Art paper
Art paper on the other hand gives an excellent finishing.It has two types of surface-glossy and matte.It is commonly used for ang pows, flyers, magazine, catalogue, calendar, poster and paperbags.
For paperbags, we can do gloss lamination OR matte lamination OR even UV/spot UV to make it looks extravaganza!

6. Ivory card

This type of paper has a very nice surface. It is suitable for those who would like to have a wedding card within a tight budget.So there won't be any gloss lamination but it would look really superb with a blind emboss finishing(do refer to my previous notes on finishing)

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